Deal or no Deal Simulation


   A simulation of the Deal or no Deal game play: play the game by box number, by player name, by value or at random with the average value of the deal or no deal board and offers calculated as you play.

To follow a live game of deal or no deal or set-up a scenario, select the random game option but select/click on the box values.

This websites version of the bankers offer is automated so lacks the personal touch of the banker and his analysis of the player. But I think its close to the calculations used by the banker on Deal or No Deal.

The 'Old Version' of deal or no deal just displays the bankers offer and doesn't ask if you want to deal. The USA version has 26 cases and no offers.

NEW in February 2015: lose to much money in a round and you get a penalty offer on the Random and Player/Box versions. See The Offer page explaining some of the calculations on how the bankers offer is calculated.

  Peter, by Web Designs Bristol

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